How to Help Your Child Prepare for Dental Procedures

Parents: Remember to Bring Your Child's Insurance Card!

Typically, young children do very well when getting their teeth fixed (fillings and crowns) as long as they are taught what is going to happen and how to help.

Tell your child how to help by describing the specific behaviors needed.  Your child will be asked to:

  • Keep his/her hands in their lap,
  • Keep his/her head still, and
  • Open his/her mouth for the dentist.

We will compliment your child for these behaviors.

Explain to your child that while he/she is having the dental procedure done in the dental clinic, you will remain in the reception area waiting for them.

Do not use words that may be frightening for your child like "shot" or "needle."  We will teach your child about a local anesthetic in a non-threatening way.

Be confident and tell your child that you KNOW they can help the dentist.